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Inspecciones de Soldura con personal Idoneo en Galvanizadora Civelmec


Thanks to the experience obtained over the years in the hot dip galvanizing and metalworking industry, we offer consulting and inspection services,
Consultoría de optimización de materiales en diseños y proyectos de estructuras metálicas


Consultancy in optimization of materials in designs and projects of metallic structures.

Our main objective is to offer a profitable project with efficient handling of the required material.

Consultoría en recubrimiento para la protección de estructuras metálicas

Through this consultancy, the metallic structure is evaluated and the type of coating is specified in order to improve its useful life.

The inspectors are checking defect in welded of steel plate add joint with process Ultraso
Planos de estructuras metálicas


Structural analysis and calculations service for metallic structures.

We have experience in the development of metal structures projects. In this consultancy the type of project and the client's needs are evaluated to achieve an optimization of materials.


Field inspection service for hot galvanized structures according to astm 123 and astm 153 standards

We carry out field visits in order to verify the condition and finish of the galvanizing, evaluating the different factors that could be affecting the structure and also presenting possible solutions. Always based on ASTM 123 and ASTM153 standards.

Inspección en campo de Estructuras Metálicas en Caliente
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